Feiyu WG Wearable Gimbal

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Tiny yet Mighty

The FY WG offers exceptional stabilization technology in a wearable form factor for action cameras. It is lightweight, yet feature-rich, and capable of capturing immersive and fully stabilized footage. See the feature video tab below. Compatible with all Ribcage mods!

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Designed To Be Agile

The FY WG is designed with extensibility in mind. A GoPro T-Clamp adapter is packaged with every gimbal. Users can attach the gimbal to any accessories supporting the GoPro three-prong mount. The gimbal body also contains two 1/4″-20 tripod mounts, allowing the gimbal to be mounted in different orientations to all universal tripod screw mount accessories (including helmets, bikes, selfie sticks and other accessories)




Improved Compatibility

Compatible with GoPro HERO4/ 3+/ 3 (with optional mounting space for GoPro LCD BacPac), Yi Cam, AEE and other cameras with similar dimensions – INCLUDING ALL VERSIONS OF THE RIBCAGE MOD!


Enhanced Firmware Brings a New Level of User Experience

A single-button control scheme is introduced to streamline the gimbal’s control. New circuit design allows the gimbal to consume less than 10 micro amps of power on standby, making the FY WG one of the most energy-efficient gimbal ever made.

Camera Orientation Detection System

No matter how your camera is mounted (left-aligned or right-aligned, upright or inverted), the FY WG is capable of identifying the mounting position and making the appropriate adjustments to its configuration.


Mighty without Compromise

The FY WG is developed through meticulous engineering and ever-improving manufacturing process. The reduction in size is achieved without sacrificing any gimbal features that our customers love.

To Wear or Not To Wear


The choice is yours. The FY WG is designed to be wearable, but it can also be used as a companion to a wide range of accessories.


Compatible with optional Feiyu remote control


The remote allows adjustment to panning/tilting/rolling angles and other calibration settings.

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Dimensions 23 x 18 x 8 cm

Feiyu WG Feature Video