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Our H5M12 modified Hero5 Black bundled with a Sidearm professional tripod mounting bracket. Built on the the outstanding GoPro Hero5 Black, the Ribcage H5M12 takes advantage of its industry leading features and quality, only now the choice of lens is up to you! Designed to fit most GoPro Hero5 mounts including the Frame, Karma and waterproof ‘Super Suit’*. Ideal for 360° video with the lowest possible parallax in multi-camera arrays. Compatible with ultra high-res M12 lenses as well as Entaniya 220°/250°/280° and other 360° video lenses. Premium aluminum construction made in Canada! Note: This camera is not waterproof unless placed in the Hero5 Super Suit.

This product is a Special Order. Please allow up to 5 business days before the item ships

*depending on size/weight of lens




lenses sold separately


Built on the outstanding GoPro Hero5 Black, the Ribcage H5M12 takes advantage of its industry leading features and quality, only now the choice of lens is up to you. Built for high-res ‘M12’ lenses you can put top quality glass on your camera to change the field of view or optically remove distortion. Get higher magnification while maintaining full 4K resolution for incredible professional looking footage! It also has built in compatibility with the original Hero5 lens. We’ve designed it specifically to fit in the Hero5 Frame and Karma mounts as well as the waterproof Super Suit*, so now you can take your Ribcage H5M12 anywhere you can take a regular GoPro!**

For 360 video capture the image sensor remains in position at the rear of the camera for the lowest possible parallax when placing them back-to-back or in other multi camera arrays. We’ve also built in full compatibility with Entaniya’s amazing 220°, 250° and 280° lenses, as well as other circular fisheyes.


Features Include:

  • Built on GoPro Hero5 Black
  • Interchangeable ‘M12’ lenses
  • Works with original GoPro Hero5 lens (included)
  • Light weight (average 4-8g lighter than stock depending on lens)
  • Durable threaded aluminum lens socket
  • Fits in Hero5 waterproof ‘Super Suit’*
  • Karma Ready*
  • Low parallax when placed in VR arrays
  • Supports Entaniya 220/250/280 and other VR lenses
  • Premium machined aluminum parts designed and manufactured in Canada


MP4 Video

3840 x 2160 / 24 fps / 25 fps / 30 fps

2704 x 2028 / 25 fps / 30 fps

2704 x 1520 / 24 fps / 25 fps / 30 fps / 48 fps / 50 fps / 60 fps

1920 x 1440p / 24 fps / 25 fps / 30 fps / 48 fps / 50 fps / 60 fps / 80 fps

1920 x 1080 / 24 fps / 25 fps / 30 fps / 48 fps / 50 fps / 60 fps / 80 fps / 90 fps / 120 fps

1280 x 960 / 50 fps / 60 fps / 120 fps

1280 x 720 / 25 fps / 30 fps / 50 fps / 60 fps / 100 fps / 120 fps / 240 fps

854 x 480 / 240 fps

Still Image

12MP (4000 x 3000) RAW / JPG

Other Features

  • GPS
  • Voice Control
  • Manual Exposure Control
  • Exposure Lock
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Integrated Touch Screen

Package Includes:

  • Ribcage H5M12 – Modified Hero5 Black
  • USB-C Cable
  • GoPro Mounting Frame
  • Battery
  • Custom Back-Bone GOcase with velcro dividers
  • Focus rings
  • Original Hero5 lens prepared for use
  • Hero5 lens mounting ring
  • Mounting Buckle
  • Curved-Surface Adhesive Mount
  • Flat-Surface Adhesive Mount
  • Product Manual

*Depending on the size/weight of lens.

**The Ribcage H5M12 is waterproof only when placed in the ‘Super Suit’ waterproof housing


Warranty Information

Ribcage Modified Camera Warranty


Our Sidearm accessory simply replaces the side door of the Hero5 Black and snaps on to provide three standard tripod mounting points. It’s fully compatible with the stock GoPro Hero5 Black as well as Ribcage H5M12 / H5PRO. Now you can connect your cameras to professional mounts and supports! Mount your camera upside down for easy access to the battery and SD card without having to dismantle your setup. It also allows two cameras to be connected back-to-back for 360 VR applications using our optional Sidearm Connection Kit. Connect two H5M12 or H5PRO cameras directly back-to-back for shooting 360° in 4:3 mode or connect them in a ‘V’ formation for shooting in 16:9 modes for higher frame rates and resolutions.*


  • Supports GoPro Hero5 Black
  • Also supports Ribcage H5M12 & H5PRO Modified Hero5 Cameras
  • Three tripod mounting points
  • GoPro HDMI & USB cable support
  • Easy access to battery & SD card
  • Easily snaps on and off
  • Corner locks for added strength
  • Premium machined aluminum
  • Two back-to-back configurations possible*
  • Perfect for 360 VR with 2 Ribcages*

*With optional Sidearm Connection Kit. Compatible 220° or wider circular fisheye lenses required.

Note: Hero5 Black is not waterproof while Sidearm is connected.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Sidearm Mounting Bracket
  • 2x Corner locks
  • 1x Socket screw
  • 1x Allen Key


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 8 cm

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