Ribcage 3x Mount (Hero4)

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Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, our new Ribcage 3x mount will give you lots of options for your 360° videos. Ribcage Modified Hero4 cameras can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Compatible with our Modulus Sensor Housing and Extended Sensor Ribbon, as well as GoPro Hero4 cameras with VR lenses. Note: Not compatible with Ribcage Modified Hero5 cameras

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Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, our new aluminum Ribcage 3x mount will give you lots of options for your 360° spherical videos at a much lower cost. Ribcage Modified Hero4 cameras can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientation. When in vertical configuration (cameras on their sides) you can take advantage of all the shooting modes the cameras have to offer to achieve near 6K/30 or full 4K/60*. In addition, when in vertical configuration the battery compartment and all the buttons are easily accessible including the side button. The Ribcage 3x mounting bracket also supports our Modulus Sensor Housing which can be connected directly. The camera mounting plates can be connected to put the cameras in horizontal configuration, or they can be turned over so the camera bodies hang underneath when Modulus Sensor Housings are connected via our extended jumper. Stock (unmodified) GoPro Hero4 cameras can also be used** (vertical configuration only). The mount is compatible with both 1/4” – 20 and 3/8” – 16 tripod mounts.

This chart represents the resolutions and frame rates that can be achieved. To use 16:9 shooting modes the cameras must be in the vertical (sideways) configuration.




Max Frame Rate



5800 x 2900




4200 x 2100




2850 x 1425




2920 x 1460


* Average stitched output resolution based on 190° and 220° lenses

** Circular fisheye lens of 185° HFOV minimum required to replace original GoPro lens


  • Compatible with Ribcage Hero4 Mods
  • Compatible with unmodified GoPro cameras (vertical configuration only)
  • Perfect for Entaniya 220 lenses
  • 1/4” – 20 and 3/8” – 16 tripod mount compatibility
  • Compatible with Modulus External Image Sensor Housing for Hero4
  • Precision Machined Aluminum
  • Channels to run USB power cables behind the cameras and out the bottom

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Ribcage 3x Mount
  • 3 x Camera mounting plates
  • 1 x Side bracket ( for vertical mounting )
  • 1 x Clamping plate ( for vertical mounting )
  • Screws and hardware

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 3 cm

3x Sample Footage

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