USD $89.00

Our popular Ribcage Hero3/3+ Mod kit bundled with our new EXO mini Mounting Bracket and an M12 to CS adapter for maximum flexibility!

Install Back-Bone’s custom, all aluminum Ribcage mod kit on any GoPro Hero3 Black or Hero3+ Black or Silver (not included). Your camera will then be able to take micro M12, CS-Mount or C-Mount lenses. Attach almost any other type of lens with optional C-Mount adapters!

Supported Models:

  • Hero3 Black
  • Hero3+ Black
  • Hero3+ Silver

Note: This kit is not compatible with Hero4 or Hero3 White/Silver



**Please note that this product is not necessarily for everybody. It requires you to take apart and re-assemble your camera which will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Back-bone has no control over the end user’s skill level and cannot be held responsible for accidental damage. We recommend that you view the installation PDFs and video on our support page before you buy to make sure this is right for you. If you don’t feel comfortable performing the installation yourself Contact us to inquire about our installation services if you already own a compatible camera. Many of our dealers also offer installation services.

New features include:

  • Unified design – now there’s only one way to configure the camera instead of two!
  • IR-Cut filters in removable trays
  • Easy access to the image sensor for cleaning if needed
  • Beveled opening for the power/mode button


The world’s most versatile camera just got better.

camera_v2The Ribcage Mod Kit is fully compatible with the excellent Hero3 Black and Hero3+ Black & Silver action cameras you know and love! Take your own camera and supercharge it with Back-bone’s custom all aluminum Ribcage mod kit. Now you can have the ability to pick the perfect lens for any situation. Once installed the Ribcage will be compatible with micro M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses. You can attach virtually any other type of manual lens via a wide variety of C-Mount adapters found online and in stores.  Take advantage of what professional lenses have to offer: manual focus control, a more cinematic depth of field, macro shooting, optical zoom and iris control. You’ll receive a removable tripod mount so you can connect your camera to professional mounts and supports, or use GoPro’s frame mount to connect it to all of their accessories. Want night vision? Just take out the IR cut filter so you can see in the dark with any IR light source! Have a difficult lens? Use the adjustable flange distance feature to get the perfect results.

Note: some M12 lenses require more distance from the sensor than the built-in M12 socket allows. We recommend using the included M12 to CS adapter to guarantee compatibility with all your favorite lenses. Some M12 lenses may also require the filter tray to be removed in order to focus. 




EXO mini Mounting Bracket


Add this precision machined aluminum bracket to any Ribcage modified camera for even more flexibility. Your Ribcage will then have a total of 9 standard 1/4″ 20 mounting points! Mount external accessories such as microphones and field monitors. Mount your Hero4 mod upside down for quick battery changes. Combine it with our Power Arms for infinite possibilities! Compatible with all versions of the Ribcage Mod.

Be a superhero!

Package includes:

  • 6x Premium aluminum parts
  • 2x IR-cut filter
  • 2x Filter holder
  • 4x IR-cut stickers
  • 1x Plastic Stand-off
  • 1x Electrical jumper
  • 1x Protective cap
  • 2x Micro Allen key for adjusting the flange distance.
  • 1x packet of necessary screws, connectors and hardware.
  • 1x M12 Locking ring
  • 1x EXO mini Mounting Bracket
  • 1x M12 to CS adapter

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 3 cm

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