360 VR


Ribcage modified GoPro platforms produce industry leading immersive 360° video experiences/results. Especially when compared to using pre-bundled arrays that require between 6 and 16 cameras. Avoid pre-bundled major headaches – high cost, file management issues, battery/power limitations, size, weight, set-up time, extensive post processing and more.

Get amazing results from our lower cost immersive 360° video solution by using the right equipment for your application – buy only what you need. Create an almost complete sphere using a single Ribcage GoPro with Entaniya’s 280° Super Fisheye lens. For a complete sphere, add another camera and shoot back-to-back with 220° or 250° lenses. Add a third camera and shoot in a triangle configuration – even better resolutions and frame rates. You choose!

Need a bigger array? Ribcage helps eliminate problems that come with bigger arrays. For example, our all-aluminum construction dissipates heat generated by cameras that do not have Ribcage installed. Reducing your worry of one camera in the array going down!

Build your own custom rig! The EXOmini Mounting bracket gives you 1/4″ 20 mounting points on the top, bottom and sides. We offer 1x, 2x and 3x configurations. Our new Modulus components include a detached sensor with a 12″ ribbon – attach those sensors back to back or on any configuration needed, 1x, 2x and 3x, resulting in industry leading lower parallax.

Your Ribcage modified GoPro’s are not restricted to any array – use them in other applications with any lens you choose, in any way you choose! Work smart and Get the Shot!



  • Entaniya 220° Fisheye

    USD $285.00

    Extreme wide angle fisheye delivers H 220° x V 195° when mounted on a Ribcage Modified GoPro camera. Create 360°…

  • Entaniya 250° Fisheye

    USD $490.00

    Extreme wide angle fisheye delivers H 250° x V 195° when mounted on a Ribcage Modified GoPro camera. Create 360°…

  • Ribcage 3x Mount

    USD $225.00

    Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, our new Ribcage 3x mount will give you lots of options for your 360° videos. Ribcage…

  • Ribcage 1x Mount

    USD $99.00

    Designed for use with Entaniya 280° and other super-wide angle fisheye lenses, this mount replaces the original tripod mount on…

  • Ribcage 2x Mount

    USD $99.00

    Designed for maximum flexibility; our back-to-back rig for Ribcage Hero4 Modified Cameras is composed of three precision machined aluminum parts. The front…

  • Entaniya 280° Fisheye

    USD $785.00

    Unique in the world! Capture almost complete spherical 360 degree videos and stills with just one lens and one camera.…

  • Entaniya Back to Back Rig

    USD $145.00

    CONNECT 2X RIBCAGE MODIFIED CAMERAS BACK-TO-BACK Designed specifically for use with Back-Bone’s Ribcage Modified GoPro camera systems + Entaniya Fisheye…

  • Entaniya 280 Rig

    USD $190.00

    360 VR with just one Ribcage Modified Camera! Designed specifically for use with Back-Bone's Ribcage Modified GoPro camera systems +…