Why Use Back-Bone Camera Mods?

Since 2013 Back-Bone has created a series of professional modifications for GoPro and Sony RX0 II cameras that allow users to use their own choice of lens. Our modified cameras are capable of accepting almost any lens, from tiny M12 lenses, compact C-Mount lenses, professional SLR lenses and more. We chose the primary mount for our camera mods to be C-Mount which also allows the cameras to be attached to microscopes, telescopes and more. Built out of premium machined aluminum, our mods allow you to connect the largest selection of lenses possible on a camera.

Mods are available as a do-it-yourself kit for enthusiasts (GoPro Hero4, Sony RX0/RX0 II) or complete pre-modified cameras built by our expert team. Visit our shop for the latest models! We also offer a conversion service for people who already own a compatible GoPro or Sony RX0 camera.



Anything is Possible!

From microscopes to telescopes and everything in between! The original GoPro and Sony cameras feature an awesome, crisp and sharp wide angle lens in order to capture all the action, but this may not always be the look you’re trying to achieve. With the option to change lenses filmmakers can easily get any look they want from these great cameras. Achieve a beautiful bokeh, razor sharp macro, crispy telephoto and so much more!

Professionals Don’t Like Fisheye

Kill the fisheye without post or in-camera processing by choosing a rectilinear or ‘flat’ low distortion lens. Keep all of those precious pixels without interpolating or processing your footage! Now you can mix Back-Bone modified cameras into your production and more closely match them to the look of your other cameras.

Always Get the Look You Want

To achieve a more cinematic look many filmmakers wish to use a more shallow depth of field, creating a ‘bokeh’ or blurred background and foreground. By adding different lenses the user can now manually control the focus and F-stop to create the ideal look. You can also manipulate or ‘pull focus’ during your shots. The HDMI out feature means you can connect to a portable field monitor. The Sony RX0 cameras also feature built in focus assist tools like focus peaking!

Get up close and personal

The tiny form factors of our camera mods make them perfect for getting them into hard to reach places and up close to the action. There are all kinds of reasonably priced C-Mount Macro lenses to get professional results on the cheap, or you can add an extra C-Mount spacer or two and use one of your own SLR lenses!

Zoom in on the Action

With a manual zoom or telephoto lens attached you can achieve sharp detail from a great distance, and perform zooming during filming. With a stock unmodified camera you only have access to digital zoom which can only be used at resolutions below 4K. With an actual zoom lens you can zoom in as far as your lens will allow while staying at the full 4K resolution!

See More Than the Human Eye

Our Modified GoPro Hero7 and Sony RX0 II cameras have a removable IR blocking filter which will allow filming in infrared. This allows you to achieve unique looks that are otherwise impossible. You can film ‘full spectrum’ from the edge of UV, through visible light all the way into NIR and infrared. We offer optional ‘cold mirror’ filters which will block visible light and allow only infrared. You can also get your own custom filters to shoot in the wavelengths of your choice for applications such as crop monitoring (NDVI). You can also use an infrared light source to film in the dark!

Note: H8PRO – H12PRO cameras are not capable of infrared shooting.

How many of us have that old camera bag in the closet gathering dust?

The optics and manual controls on most older SLR, Bolex and Super-8 camera lenses are excellent! Why not breathe new life into them and get a unique look by using them on a modified camera from Back-Bone? With the proper adapter ring you can attach almost any popular brand of manual lens to our mod, including Canon, Nikon, Pentax and more!

C-Mount is an Industry Standard for Medical and Scientific Imaging Equipment

Get astonishing quality at a fraction of the cost by using a Back-Bone camera instead of a traditional microscope camera! 5.3K recording, 27MP RAW stills, voice control, 10-bit color, HDR video and live streaming are only a few of the many benefits of our modified camera solutions (H12PRO specs). Use a simple eyepiece adapter on a microscope or telescope, or connect the camera directly to any C-Mount camera port. Unlike traditional systems, our solutions are battery powered and portable – perfect for working in the field!


  • For everything a fixed fish-eye lens can’t do.
  • Take greater advantage of GoPro & Sony’s incredible video capabilities.
  • Get professional looking results from a tiny camera
  • Have an extremely small camera for difficult shots – match the look of larger cameras
  • Unlimited lens options allow for infinite shooting possibilities.
  • Control your camera’s: FOV, DOF, aperture, zoom and focus.
  • Use High Megapixel lenses to shoot undistorted 4K videos.
  • Create innovative 360 VR videos and high-res 360 stills.
  • Utilize professional accessories and shoot like the Pros.
  • Unleash your imagination!