Use Your Own Lenses on GoPro Hero5 & Hero6!


  • Use a narrow field of view (zoom in) without giving up 4K resolution
  • Optically correct fisheye distortion without processing
  • Add shooting features like focus, zoom and iris control for professional results not possible with the regular lens
  • Get pro looking defocussed backgrounds
  • Add custom filters for your application
  • Create professional high resolution cinematic footage for less money
  • Fit a professional camera in a small space
  • Connect to microscopes, telescopes and more


  • Back-Bone has developed the Ribcage – a camera modification that allows multiple lenses to be attached
  • Camera parts are manufactured and installed in Canada
  • The front of the camera and the lens are removed and replaced with our precision machined aluminum parts
  • The original camera lens can be re-used
  • Available for Hero6 & two Hero5 versions: H5M12 for compact ‘M12’ lenses and the H5PRO for M12 as well as larger professional lenses
  • DIY kits are also available for Hero3/3+, Hero4 and YI 4K/4K+


The answer is ‘just about anything’. The Ribcage H5M12 camera will take small fixed focus high-res M12 lenses and the H5PRO & H6PRO will take M12, CS and C-Mount lenses. Just about any popular lens type can be connected the H5PRO/H6PRO with optional adapters including Nikon, Canon, Pentax and more. In addition, because C-Mount is the primary mount type it can be attached to a wide variety of scientific and medical equipment. It can be connected directly to a C-Mount beam splitter on a microscope or to a telescope with a small adapter.

All Ribcage Modified Cameras Ship in Custom GOcases!

Here are a Few Video Samples, Visit our YouTube Channel for more!


  • Ribcage AIR HERO4 Mod Kit Bundle

    USD $149.00

    Bundle includes EXO Mini mounting bracket and M12 to CS adapter! This mod kit will allow you to convert your…

  • Ribcage Hero3/3+ Mod Kit

    USD $69.00

    Install Back-Bone's custom, all aluminum Ribcage mod kit on any GoPro Hero3 Black or Hero3+ Black or Silver (not included). Your…