Use Your Own Lenses on GoPro Cameras!


• Use a narrow field of view (zoom in) without giving up 4K or 5K resolution

• Optically correct fisheye distortion without processing

• Add shooting features like focus, zoom and iris control for professional results not possible with the regular lens

• Get pro looking defocused backgrounds

• Add custom filters for your application

• Create professional high resolution cinematic footage for less money

• Fit a professional camera in a small space

• Connect to microscopes, telescopes and more


• Back-Bone has developed a camera modification that allows multiple lenses to be attached

• Camera parts are manufactured and installed in Canada

• The front or rear of the camera and the lens are removed and replaced with our precision machined aluminum parts

• ‘PRO’ versions available for HERO5 – 9

• DIY kits are also available for HERO4, Sony RX0/RX0 II & Insta360 ONE R


The answer is ‘just about anything’! Our modified GoPro cameras will take M12, CS and C-Mount lenses. Just about any popular lens type can be connected with optional adapters including Nikon, Canon, Pentax and more. In addition, because C-Mount is the primary mount type it can be attached to a wide variety of scientific and medical equipment. It can be connected directly to a C-Mount beam splitter on a microscope or to a telescope with a small adapter. In addition to those options the new H9PRO modified Hero9 Black comes with a removable Micro Four Thirds mount for manual lenses!

Do you already own a compatible GoPro, Sony RX0 II or Insta360 ONE R camera?

Back-Bone’s expert tech staff can install one of our interchangeable lens mods for you! Bulk pricing is available if you have multiple cameras. Get your camera modified today! Just visit our installation services page.

All conversions include a free custom Back-Bone case

HERO 8 – (H8PRO Standard) $349  Free tripod mount

HERO 8 – (H8PRO Infrared) $399  Free tripod mount

HERO 7 – (H7PRO) $299  Free Sidearm tripod mount

HERO 6 – (H6PRO) $249  Free Sidekick tripod mount

HERO 5 – (H5PRO) $199  Free Sidekick tripod mount

HERO 4 – (Ribcage AIR) $199 

SONY RX0 / RX0 II – $599

Here are a Few Video Samples, Visit our YouTube Channel for more!