Computar and Back-Bone and Introduce the Ribcage RX0 Package – Select Computar lenses with Back-Bone’s Ribcage RX0, offering full lens exchangeability with market leading camera specifications.

Computar and Back-Bone Gear Inc. are together announcing their RX0 Package. Computar® offers an extended family of larger format, C-mount, fixed focal length lenses as well as a complete family of CS and M12 mount lenses. Back-Bone delivers the only cameras in the world able to attach virtually any lens.

Back-Bone is now delivering Ribcage Sony RX0, a light weight, small form factor camera capable of mounting virtually any lens type to deliver 4K @30 fps or 1080p @1000 fps. The RX0 is intended by Sony to be a shock and waterproof camera aimed at video professionals and enthusiasts. Back-Bone adds full lens exchangeability and flexibility as well as filter choice, unleashing its full potential. Full press release

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Ribcage RX0 Packages
**Promo Package Special ended June 15, 2018**

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Computar Lenses

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