Microscope camera systems capable of shooting in 4K are bulky and extremely expensive. Back-Bone’s ‘Ribcage’ Modified action cameras provide a cost effective alternative. Here’s a list of features that make these cameras a no-brainer for this type of application. Camera’s and mod kits are available here.



4K microscope camera systems can cost many thousands of dollars. A modified 4K GoPro can range in price from a few hundred dollars to $899 for the H6PRO which supports 4K @60fps. The Ribcage RX0 features a 1″ CMOS sensor and 4K output for $1399.

Industry Leading Specs

Shoot at resolutions up to 4K/60 for a fraction of the cost. Other features include 12MP RAW photos plus full exposure and shutter speed control. Get frame rates of up to 1000fps with the Ribcage RX0.


Typical microscope recording systems require a computer or wired controller box in order to function. Back-Bone mods are compact, self contained and battery powered so you can take your research into the field. Each camera features a rear display.


All of Back-Bone’s modified cameras feature live video out. The H5PRO and Ribcage RX0 cameras even feature a clean 4K live output via HDMI so you can see every detail on a large screen or capture to an external recording device.

Hands Free

Operate cameras via wireless remote control, smartphone app and in some cases voice commands so that your subject remains undisturbed (H5PRO/H6PRO & Ribcage YI 4K+ feature voice control)


All of Back-Bone’s modified cameras feature C-Mount – the standard lens mount for machine vision and medical imaging applications. Many microscopes already have a C-Mount camera port or beamsplitter. If replacing the eyepiece you can use a cheap C-Mount nosepiece adapter to mount the camera.

Imaging Options

Record in the infrared or in a slice of the spectrum of your choosing. Back-Bone cameras all feature a removable IR-Cut filter which can be replaced with your own custom filter to suit your needs.

This video shows the results of a Ribcage Modified Hero4 camera on a high-end microscope.

Useful information:

  • GoPro/YI sensor size: 1/2.3″
  • Ribcage RX0 sensor size: 1″
  • Max recording resolution: 4000 x 3000 @ 30fps (H6PRO & Ribcage Yi 4K+)
  • Still image Resolution: 12MP RAW (GoPro / Yi), 15.3MP RAW (Ribcage Rx0)
  • Sensitivity: ~ 350nm – 1100nm
  • 650nm IR-Cut, 635nm IR-Cut, 780nm Cold Mirror, 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9 OD ND filters available
  • Contact Midwest Optics for custom filters
  • Filter size Hero4/Yi 4K/4K+/ RX0: 15.2mm diameter x 1.1mm thick
  • Filter size H5PRO / H6PRO: 9.6mm diameter x 1.1mm thick
  • Filter size Hero3/3+: 9.6mm x 0.5mm thick

Mounting a Back-Bone H5PRO modified Hero5 to your average microscope with an eyepiece adapter.



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