In addition to incredible resolution and frame rate options for standard color imaging, Back-Bone’s ‘Ribcage’ camera modifications allow you to shoot in infrared as well. Our cameras all feature a removable IR-Cut filter which can be replaced with one of our Cold Mirror filters for dedicated infrared imaging. You can also use special ‘NDVI’ filters and lenses to image in specific wavelengths such as blue and NIR in order to monitor crop health from drones. Leaves and vegetation typically reflect a lot of IR, so they appear bright white when imaged for a really unique look. (Typically we convert recordings to black and white in post as the color images look very pink)

Remove the IR blocking filter from your camera if you’d like to perform ‘full spectrum’ imaging, however, focus can be soft looking without special ‘IR-corrected’ or ‘Day & Night’ lenses. Infrared is typically blurry when visible light is in focus, resulting in that softness. An ‘IR-corrected’ lens has special optics to allow visible light and IR to be in focus at the same time. Those lens types are typically only available in CS & C-Mount, another great reason to use our gear!

We recommend using a Cold Mirror filter when shooting with ‘normal’ lenses i.e. without special ‘IR-corrected’ or ‘Day & Night’ lenses. Cold Mirror filters completely block visible light and only allow IR into the camera. You can also use an IR illuminator for night vision in the dark. On the Ribcage RX0 you can set up your own custom picture profiles to get exactly the look you want. Certain lenses may not be able to focus to infinity in infrared. For more information check out this helpful page.

Pro Tip: Cold Mirror infrared filters are available in our online shop.

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