We’ve developed a series of mounts specifically for Ribcage Modified Hero4 cameras that allow one camera to be placed vertically (Entaniya 280), 2 cameras back-to-back or 3 cameras together in either vertical or horizontal configurations. These are perfect for capturing complete 360 degree videos with Entaniya or other super wide angle lenses.

This sample footage was taken with our Ribcage 3X VR Mount. This mount is capable of holding three Ribcage Modified Hero4 cameras in either portrait or landscape orientations. When in portrait (sideways) orientation all the shooting modes on the camera can be used while still getting full spherical coverage. That means you can take advantage of the added resolution of 4K or increased frame rates. In addition the battery door, the ports and all buttons are easily accessible when in portrait configuration.


This footage was shot in 2.7K/60 which produces a stitched output greater than 4K. Shooting on 4K/30 will produce a stitched output of about 5800×2900. In this case the video was output at 4096 x 2048 @ 60fps


Ribcage 3X Mount:

Lenses used:

Entaniya 220° Fisheye

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