With this fun project we used XYZ RGB’s Scannerkiller technology to extract and reconstruct an accurate flight-path and virtual camera from some of our drone footage. We used a Ribcage Modified Hero4 Black mounted on a 3DR Solo. Using only the video frames we are able to extract 3D models and camera positions. A virtual camera can then be created in 3DS MAX from the data. Accurate measurements, flight-path information, model reconstruction and visual effects are all possible using this method. No GPS data was used.


Equipment Used:

  • Ribcage Modified Hero4 Black
  • 5.4mm 10MP M12 lens
  • 0.6 OD Neutral Density Filter
  • 3DR Solo + Gimbal


  • Scannerkiller
  • 3DS MAX
  • After Effects

For more info:

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