In addition to incredible resolution and frame rate options for standard color imaging, Back-Bone’s ‘Ribcage’ camera modifications allow you to shoot in infrared as well. Our cameras all feature a removable IR-Cut filter which can be replaced with one of our Cold Mirror filters for dedicated infrared imaging. You can also use special ‘NDVI’ filters and lenses to image in… Read More


GoPro probably didn’t have this in mind when they designed the Hero3+ ! We finally had a chance to test out the Ribcage on our Telescope. These images and the video below were taken by attaching a c-mount to 1.25″ nosepiece adapter to our Celestron C6 750mm Newtonian Reflector telescope. No lens was used on the Ribcage. It’s great to… Read More


Some sample footage shot at night with the IR-Cut filter removed from our Ribcage Modified Hero3+ Black. Shot with an IR corrected 4.5-13mm CS-Mount. The default look has a purple hue, but tinting or desaturating the footage will easily give it the traditional night vision look as demonstrated in the video. Light source was a small IR LED panel powered… Read More


We recently had a fun evening exploring the insect exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature and had a chance to test out some new high-res glass from Computar. All of this footage was shot on a Ribcage modified Hero3+ Black with our new Computar 2/3″ 16mm C-Mount and 1/2″ 25-135mm C-Mount. A big thanks to the Canadian Museum of… Read More