Don’t you hate it when lions eat all your cameras? We provided our Ribcage modified GoPro cameras and lenses to film National Geographic’s Lions 360 video, plus we were able to help in other ways. During filming several of the production’s stock GoPro cameras were actually destroyed by the curious lions. Rather than write them off, we had the production send them to us. What many people don’t realize about our camera mod kits is that if you install one on a broken GoPro camera it can actually fix many problems, particularly if the lens is damaged. If it still turns on you can likely salvage it!

One of the cameras actually did require a spare part as the lions had chewed through the LCD readout on the front, though that component isn’t required for the camera to function. We disassembled the cameras, installed our Ribcage AIR Mod Kit for Hero4 and… good as new, Only now you can add your choice of lens! Ribcage Mod Kits are available for GoPro Hero3/3+, Hero4 & Yi 4K/4K+.

Please enjoy the Lions 360 video embedded below. Click and drag with your mouse cursor in order to look around.




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